Osteo Science Foundation

Executive Search, Website Development, Operational Support

The Challenge

The Founder and Board of Directors of the Osteo Science Foundation were in need of an Executive Director to lead the organization.  Although the organization had been established for a few years, it was not in the state of operation necessary to bring on the Executive Director and launch the Foundation.  The Osteo Science Foundation required a website, branding materials, operational support staff, office space, policies, procedures, payroll, benefits and more.  The leadership’s objective was to partner with a professional services firm that would lead the efforts to set up the Foundation’s operations, while simultaneously leading the search to fill the Executive Director position.  

Strategic Solution

Dunleavy led a thorough, national search for the Executive Director of the Osteo Science Foundation.  We screened dozens of candidates before presenting the top applicants to the organization’s Board of Directors.  While the search was being performed, our team was concurrently working to build the Website and to implement policies, procedures and solutions.  We drafted the framework and content for the website, developed its creative theme to evoke the look and feel the client desired, and facilitated the editing and creative processes as well.  The Dunleavy team presented proposals for the many services required, such as office space, brochures, business cards, payroll, benefits and insurance.  We facilitated the decision-making process for each and then managed the implementation processes, acting as both the back-office and operational management staff for the Osteo Science Foundation.  

The Results

Through our collaboration with the Osteo Science Foundation, we successfully recruited an exceptionally qualified individual to lead the Foundation as Executive Director.  As a result of our work together, the leadership was able to officially launch the Osteo Science Foundation with a live Website and branding materials to thousands of medical professionals in the industry.  The organization now has the necessary office space, policies, procedures and operations in place to properly bring on the Executive Director full time. 

About the Osteo Science Foundation

The Osteo Science Foundation provides a platform for scientific studies and an exchange of ideas in regenerative medicine.  The Osteo Science Foundation will support the next generation of clinicians and will bring together clinical research with industry leaders in Oral, Cranial and Maxillofacial Surgery.